May 12

Christoph Korn (D)

University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt

Audio and Media Artist. He is a lecturer for Improvisation and Aesthetics at the University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt. His first works emerged with a political and historical perspective. Works exhibited and performed at several international festivals of contemporary music and media art: WienModern/Vienna, Ars Electronica/Linz, Podewil Festival x-tract SCULPTURE MUSICALE/Berlin, Museum of Modern Art Serralves/Porto, Transmediale/Berlin, Whitchapell art galery/London, Museum of Modern Art Sraßbourg, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf. Ensembles works with musicians include: Rüdiger Carl, Wolfgang Schliemann, TEXTxtnd, Lasse-Marc Riek, Otomo Yoshihide.




Christoph Korn works on an audio and media art interface in which the 'duration's phenomenon plays an important role. In the last years, he has increasingly use this as a strategy to deleting and withdrawing.

By introducing 3 particular media works, Christoph Korn will show his artistic approach of deleting data as a strategy. The works are: The web installation “Waldstueck” (section of a forest), available at www.waldstueck.net, the book “series invisible” by Christoph Korn and Lasse-Marc Riek and the radioplay “I speak this text”.

For me deleting is a poetic, contemplative and also a political process.

Poetic insofar as it takes things away, hides them and lengthens the texture in a pure space of imagination, which is structured not by a “previous presence,” but by an “absence.”

Contemplative in a repetitive and lasting way. Time woken through (?), as to bring it forth and set it down - then as remembered – and similar to the work of mourning in this experience of time.(?)

And last Political, because the deletion process was inspired by Adorno’s concept of “instrumental reason” and by Martin Buber’s category of the “Ich-Es.” Deletion represents a small, particular attempt at letting specific movements – such as accumulating, systematizing, recycling, gaining power and forming knowledge by collecting data – move into the background in favor of a strategy of deleting/taking away/withdrawing/hiding. (K. Korn)


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