May 13

Éric Alliez (FR/UK)

Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Middlesex University, London

Philosopher. Former Research Fellow at the Collège International de Philosophie (Paris, 1984-1987 / 1992-1998), former Professor at the Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste (Vienna, 1997-2003) and Visiting Professor at the Hochschule für Gestaltung (Karlsruhe, 2003-2005). He is since 2004 Senior Research Fellow and Professor of Contemporary French Philosophy at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Middlesex University, London. His recent books include: La Pensée-Matisse (with Jean-Claude Bonne, Paris, Le Passage, 2005) and L’Oeil- cerveau: nouvelles Histoires de la peinture moderne (in collaboration with Jean-Clet Martin, Paris, Vrin, 2007). Founding member of the editorial board of the journal Multitudes [http://multitudes.samizdat.net/].

For a complete list of his works, including english translations:http://www.web.mdx.ac.uk/crmep/STAFF/EricAlliez.htm


Capitalism and Schizophrenia and Consensus

This parodic reversal of an earlier period’s Capitalism and Schizophrenia might account for the obstinate recuperation of Deleuze and Guattari (but above all of Guattari) by the partisans of relational aesthetics. It partakes in fact of a rear-view mirror effect that makes the aesthetic rehumanisation of postmodernity dependent on the depotentialisation of art, and its consequential restyling, as the ‘transversalist’ political experience of the protest years. The dissensual transversality of new micro-political and micro-social practices which focussed artistic activity on ‘the discovery of a negentropy at the heart of the banality of the environment’ is reduced to a consensual storytelling post-produced for a trans-media theatre of the little form, accomodated by the relationally revisited space of the exhibition. We’ll show that the so-called micropolitics of intersubjectivity gives voice to a short-circuit in which what is really at stake with relational aesthetics is to bring back into the intersubjective practice of an ‘artistically’ revisited communicative action the micropolitics that had in fact pre-emptively undermined the foundations of any such intersubjectivity by opposing molecular revolution to the ‘recentering of economic activities on the production of subjectivity’. [All quotations from Félix Guattari, Chaosmosis]


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